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USA Cuba Travel Regulations Explained
USA Cuba Legal Travel
All our tours include the license to go to Cuba legally! It is possible for American citizens to go to Cuba legally. However, before embarking on your Cuba trip planning, be aware of all updates, revised restrictions and the intricacies of the
Cuba Travel Regulations
Authentic Cuba Expert's Corner
Yane Marquez, Authentic Cuba Travel Expert Travel Agent Hola! My name is Yane Marquez and I was born and raised in Cuba. After graduating from the University of Havana and the Tourism School of Cuba, I worked for over 10 years as a tour guide, translator and event organizer for Cuba's travel companies and organizations. I guided many groups attending Cuba's main international festivals, fairs and events. A few years ago, I moved to Canada where I have continued promoting Cuba’s tourism industry. I would be more than happy to answer any question you have about festival Cuba travel. Do not miss out!
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Those US citizens interested in conducting professional research on their professions can go to Cuba legally on tours that advance educational exchange and professional research on their particular areas of study. Authentic Cuba Travel specializes in organizing Cuba educational tours that comply with US government requirements for professional research.
US organizations are authorized by the US government to take US citizens to Cuba on people-to-people Cuba trips. The objective of this program created under President Clinton is to foster the dialogue and exchange in between the peoples of the United States and Cuba. We run monthly tours to Cuba under this Cuba travel category.
Our Cuba Jazz Tours are more than a chance to hear the best Jazz played in Cuba today at trendy jazz clubs and venues. Jazz trips to Cuba are also an opportunity to rub shoulders with local and foreign renowned jazz musicians and young jazz talents. All while exploring numerous UNESCO World heritage sites by the hand of Cuba’s best tour guides and first class Cuba travel services.
Even though Individual People-to-people Cuba Travel has been ended by President Trump Administration, Group People-to-people Travel to Cuba is still possible. US travellers must go to Cuba under the sponsorship of a US Organization that promotes such exchanges with the Cuban people. JOIN US!
Authentic Cuba Travel organizes custom-made Cuba study trips for US and Canadian schools looking to immerse their classroom into one of the most unique cultures in the world. Incorporating academic plans and objectives into our itineraries made possible to create unique educational and cultural Cuba travel experiences that students treasure for a lifetime.
At the end of the photography tours to Cuba the pictures captured by our travelers speak for themselves. Stirring and amazing photographs of off the beaten path Cuban towns and picturesque landscapes and people illustrate the true identity of a Caribbean nation like no other. Professional and aficionado photographers alike find this tour very fulfilling and rewarding.
Premium seats at opening and closing ceremonies, unrestricted access to official and parallel venues and happenings, premium hotel and transportation coaches, world class tour guides and amazing itineraries are all included services of our Cuba Festival Tours.
Cuba nature tours and Cuba bird watching tours featured unique access to Cuba’s biosphere reserves, national parks and protected are inaccessible to Cuba’s tourism. Highlights of the nature and birding travel experience to the largest island in the Caribbean are the caliber of the ornithologists, scientists and naturalists that guide our tours.
Cuba Architecture Tours by Authentic Cuba Travel are led by university graduates and Cuban scholars. We can take you beyond looking at Cuba’s unique architecture and tell you the stories and histories behind it. Get upfront and discover Cuba’s most interesting historical cities. If you are looking for more than catching a glimpse of the authentic Cuba, our tours are the right choice.
Authentic Cuba Travel’s partnership with Cuban foremost artists and art institutions means that you will have the opportunity not only to visit world-class museums and galleries, but to also meet one-on-one with influential Cuban artists and curators as part of our Cuba Art Tours. Get up close and personal into the lives and works of Cuban upcoming and well-established artists!
Cuba Cultural Tours offers many ways to explore the Cuban culture. Whether you want to explore dance, performing arts, music, painting, or to embark on a photography tour, Authentic Cuba Travel is definitely your one-stop agency for all things Cuba tours and travel! Browse our Cuba cultural tours today to find out what sets Authentic Cuba Travel apart from the rest!

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